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TimeBase is ideally suited for distributing data over the Internet.

When a TimeBase client connects to the server, it automatically performs a connection speed test (similar to a ping test, but over TCP).

By measuring the latency of a round-trip, TimeBase is able to detect whether the connection is over a LAN or a WAN/Internet.

For wide area networks, TimeBase will heavily compress non-live data before transmitting it in either direction.

Additionally, TimeBase supports multi-regional load balancing and failover.


TimeBase servers with identical data are installed in multiple geographic regions.

TimeBase client supports a special mode, in which instead of pointing to a specific server, you can point it to a simple Website that provides a list of available servers.

When establishing connection, the TimeBase client will contact all available servers, and evaluate connection latency to each of them.

Based on this data, TimeBase client will detect which servers are located in the geographic region closest to the client, and, out of those servers, select the one that is least loaded with requests at connection time.