On this page provides guidelines for running TimeBase samples
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Quick Start Steps

  1. Start TimeBase in Docker
  2. Build samples: gradle clean build
  3. Run samples

Run Docker

Community Edition

TBD: update image for community edition. Add more text between commands. Package name (packages.deltixhub.com/quantserver.) - RTC.. change when ready.

TimeBase Community Edition stars from TimeBase version 6.0.

  1. Install Docker
  2. Run container with TimeBase Server image timebase-server

Example of running TimeBase Docker container:

docker run --rm --detach --name timebase-server -p 8011:8011

Licensed Editions

TBD: remove QS naming when ready and check bullet notes. Add more text between commands. Package name (packages.deltixhub.com/quantserver.) - RTC.. change when ready. Does it all work just on Linux or Windows as well?

Up to TimeBase version 6.0 it is necessary to supply valid license to run TimeBase container.

License can be mounted as inst.properties under TimeBase installation directory /timebase-server/inst.properties.

This file has the following format: serial=<your serial number here>

- DELTIX_HOME is set to /timebase-server

- QSHome is set to /timebase-home

- Default service port is 8011

- Volume docker-image-test-qshome-vol here contains usual QSHome structure.

- Java system properties could be customized by setting JAVA_OPTS environment variable.

Example of running TimeBase Docker container with license:

docker run --rm --detach --name docker-image-test-tb -p 8011:8011
--mount type=bind,readonly,src=/home/deltix/QuantServer/inst.properties,dst=/timebase-server/inst.properties
--mount type=volume,src=my-qshome-vol,dst=/timebase-home

TimeBase Admin

TimeBase Administrator Web Client helps to manage and monitor all data stored within the TimeBase database.

Advanced Options

Create Volume with Files

1.Create volume with files

Example script that creates a volume and populates it with provided files:

docker volume create my-qshome-vol
docker container create --name temp-dummy-container -v my-qshome-vol:/root alpine
docker cp /home/my_files/my_qs_home_source/. temp-dummy-container:/root/
docker rm temp-dummy-container

2.Run container with mounted volume

docker run --rm --detach --name docker-image-test-tb -p 8011:8011
--mount type=volume,src=my-qshome-vol,dst=/timebase-home

Run Samples