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TimeBase Community Edition starts from TimeBase version 6.0.

# create a user-defined network
docker network create --driver bridge timebase-network

# make sure the network was created
docker network ls

# run the timebase server container
docker run --rm -d \
--network timebase-network
-p 8011:8011 \
--name=timebase-server \
--ulimit nofile=65536:65536 \

TimeBase Web Admin

In TimeBase Web Admin you can manage and monitor all data stored in TimeBase.

  1. Launch TimeBase Admin in a Docker container.
  2. Get an official Docker image.
  3. Open TimeBase Admin to view sample streams.
# make sure the timebase-network was created
docker network ls

# run the timebase web admin container
docker run --rm -d \
--name timebase-admin \
--network timebase-network
-p 8099:8099 \
-e "JAVA_OPTS=-Dtimebase.url=dxtick://timebase-server:8011" \
--ulimit nofile=65536:65536 \

Refer to TimeBase Web Admin to learn how to run and use this application.

Advanced Options

Attached Volume with Streams or a Custom Config

docker run --rm -d \ 
-p MACHINE_PORT:8011 \
--ulimit nofile=65536:65536 \
-v VOLUME:/timebase-home \
  • VOLUME - PATH to local TimeBase home volume with populated files such as Streams, Configs, etc.
  • MACHINE_PORT - port on your machine that will be used for TimeBase.
  • CONTAINER_NAME - the name of TimeBase container that will be shown in containers list docker ps.
  • VERSION - TimeBase image version (tag), use tag latest for the latest version.

It is strongly recommended defining a specific version instead of the latest.

docker run --rm -d \ 
-p 80:8011 \
--name=timebase-prod \
-ulimit nofile=65536:65536 \
-v /home/master/timebase:/timebase-home \

Custom config

You can configure selected TimeBase properties in configuration file and place it in /home/master/timebase folder. Mount this folder to use configurations:

-v /home/master/timebase:/timebase-home \  

In you can configure host, port, version, and other TimeBase parameters.

# Example of file

Useful Scripts and Commands

Deployment with SSL


Refer to Deployment with SSL for more information.