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Download and run TimeBase Installer. Follow a few simple steps to setup TimeBase on your machine. You can also install TimeBase in Docker by following our Quick Start guide.


TimeBase Installer requires Java 11 or newer to be installed on your machine.

Step 1: Launch Installation

  1. Execute jar installation file to run TimeBase installation wizard.

  2. You can also launch TimeBase installation by running this command from the installation file root folder:

    java -jar installation-file-name.jar
  3. Click Next to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Licensing

Accept the license agreement to proceed with the product installation.

Step 3: Installation

Select TimeBase installation folder to store all TimeBase system files.

Click Next and enter your license key.

Specify other additional information.

Step 4: Deltix Components

Select other Deltix products you wish to install. Click Next to run installation.

Step 5: Run TimeBase

Once the installation is completed successfully, you can launch QuantServer Architect.

What Is Next

Install TimeBase as a systemd Service on Linux


Refer to How To for more information.

TimeBase Shell

Use TimeBase TickDB Shell CLI to work with streams and run various maintenance and operational commands.

Launch tickdb.cmd from bin TimeBase folder to open TimeBase Shell. Run ? to get a list of available commands.

Solution Generator

Use TimeBase Solution Generator (Solgen) to generate ready-to-go code samples in several supported languages.



Refer to Client Libraries for more information.