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Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Start TimeBase

Run TimeBase in a Docker container.


You can also make this step using TimeBase Installer.

# make sure the timebase-network was created
docker network ls

docker run --rm --detach \
--name timebase-server \
--network timebase-network
-p 8011:8011 \

Step 2: Generate Sample Data

Run the following command to generate a sample data into a new stream called "bars".

Start TimeBase Shell CLI
docker exec -it timebase-server /timebase-server/bin/
Run the following commands in TimeBase Shell to generate sample data
set db dxtick://localhost:8011 
generate bars

You can also make this step using TimeBase Installer.

Step 3: Dependencies


Refer to Client Libraries to get artifacts repositories for clients.

Install the required dependencies.
# Gradle for Java 
dependencies {

implementation "deltix.qsrv.timebase:deltix-timebase-client:5.5.99"

implementation "deltix.qsrv:deltix-timebase-api-messages:5.4.100"

implementation "deltix.qsrv:deltix-commons-util:5.4.32"

implementation 'deltix:deltix-gflog-core:2.0.40'

Step 4: Read Data

Create a TimeBase Cursor to read data from a sample stream.

package deltix;

public class ReadStream {
public static void main(String[] args) {
DXTickDB db = TickDBFactory.createFromUrl ("dxtick://localhost:8011"); (false);
DXTickStream stream = db.getStream("bars");

try (TickCursor cursor =, new SelectionOptions(true, false))) {
while ( {

Refer to Client Libraries to view more samples.

Step 5: Manage TimeBase in Admin Application

TimeBase Web Admin is a Web client you can use to manage TimeBase.


You can also make this step using TimeBase Installer.

  1. Launch TimeBase Admin in a Docker container. Refer to Docker Compose to launch TimeBase Server together with Web Admin.
  2. Login to
  3. Open TimeBase Admin to view sample streams.

TimeBase Web Admin default credentials: admin/admin.

docker run --rm --detach \
--name timebase-admin \
-p 8099:8099 \

Refer to TimeBase Admin Deployment for more information.



Refer to Client Libraries for more information.

Solution Generator

Use TimeBase Solution Generator (Solgen) to generate ready-to-go code samples in several supported languages.

TimeBase Deployment Options

In the Deployment section you may find various TimeBase deployment options.