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Market Data and Trade Connectors

Below, you can view a list of market data and trade connectors supplied with TimeBase Enterprise Edition.

ConnectorStale* (unused)Supported Instrument TypesMargin Trading Supported
AlphapointCrypto Spot
AscendEX (BitMax) Spot/MarginCrypto Spot
AscendEX (BitMax) FutureCrypto Futures
B2C2Crypto Spot
BosonicCrypto Spot
BeaxyxCrypto Spot
Binance SpotCrypto SpotYes
Binance Coin-FuturesCrypto FuturesYes
Binance USDT-FuturesCrypto FuturesYes
Binance JEXCrypto Futures, Crypto Optionst
BitBankCrypto Spot
BitfinexCrypto SpotYes
BitflyerCrypto Spot
BitMartCrypto Spot
BitMax SpotCrypto Spot
BitMEXCrypto FuturesYes
BitpandaxCrypto Spot
BitstampCrypto Spot
BittrexCrypto Spot
BlockfillsCrypto Spot
Bosonic TakerCrypto Spot
BTCBoxCrypto Spot
ByBitCrypto Spot
CME CGWFutures, Options, Exchange Traded Synthetics
CME MSGWFutures, Options, Exchange Traded Synthetics
CoinbaseCrypto Spot
CoinFLEXCrypto Spot
CoinfloorCrypto Spot
CoinlistproCrypto Spot
Cryptocortex - Execution Server
Crypto FacilitiesCrypto FuturesYes
CumberlandxCrypto Spot
DeribitCrypto Futures, Crypto OptionsYes
Equos - Trade OnlyxCrypto Spot
ErisXCrypto Spot, Crypto FuturesYes
FalconXCrypto Spot
GalaxyCrypto Spot
Gate.IOCrypto Spot
GeminiCrypto Spot
GlobalBlockCrypto Spot
Gold-ixCrypto Spot
HitBTCCrypto Spot
Huobi SpotCrypto SpotYes
Huobi FuturesCrypto FuturesYes
Huobi SwapCrypto FuturesYes
ICE - Trade OnlyFutures
ItBitCrypto Spot
ItBitWS - Data OnlyCrypto Spot
JaneStreetCrypto Spot
KorbitCrypto Spot
Kraken FuturesCrypto FuturesYes
KrakenCrypto Spot
KuCoinCrypto Spot
LMAXCrypto Spot, FIAT Spot
LMAX MakerCrypto Spot, FIAT Spot
OKCoinCrypto Spot
OkexCrypto Spot, Crypto FuturesYes
One Zero - Data OnlyCrypto Spot, Crypto Futures
OTCXNCrypto Spot
PoloniexCrypto Spot
PrimeXMFIAT Spot
QuoineCrypto Spot
Reactive MarketsCrypto Spot
SeedCX FIXxCrypto Spot
TagomixCrypto Spot
TradAirCrypto Spot
TrueMAX - Trade OnlyCrypto Spot
Upbit - Data OnlyCrypto Spot
XBTOCrypto Spot

*Stale connectors may be subject to a one-off fee for redevelopment