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Debugging Tool


TimeBase debugging tool is available at the Web URL: http://<TimeBase host>:<TimeBase port>.

If you run the debugging tool locally, you can access it using a local host and port at http://localhost:8011/tb.

The debugging tool menu lists all the actions you can perform.

Thread Management

The tool displays the current active TimeBase JVM threads and allows interrupting threads.

System Status

The tool displays various JVM properties, including:

  • System Properties
  • Java options
  • Current process memory consumption
  • Initial JVM variables

Log Levels

To change the runtime levels of logs:

  1. Click Log Levels.
  2. In the Level column, click the INFO dropdown and select a new level.

Log Download

To download all server log files in a ZIP format:

  • Click Log Download.

Heap Dump Download

To download a JVM process heap dump in a ZIP format:

  • Click Heap Dump Download.

Do not perform this download during production; doing so will freeze the application.