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Crypto Market Data Connectors

TimeBase Community Edition gives access to a number of crypto market data connectors that allow receiving normalized market data with any level of granularity from the most popular crypto exchanges and recording it in TimeBase in a matter of minutes.

Refer to TimeBase Crypto Connectors to learn how to quick-start any of the connectors with the specific settings or all of them at once. We provide a step-by-step tutorials for developers on how to create own custom connectors based on our framework.

ConnectorSupported Instrument TypesMargin Trading Supported
BitMEXQuanto Contract, Inverse Perpetual SWAP, Linear Perpetual, Quanto Perpetual, Linear Futures, Quanto Futures, Inverse FuturesYes
ByBit FUTURESInverse and Linear Futures
ByBit SPOTCrypto Spot
CoinbaseCrypto Spot
FTXSPOT, Linear FuturesYes
Huobi SPOTCrypto SpotYes
Huobi FuturesInverse FuturesYes
Kraken FUTURESInverse and Linear Perpetual SWAP, Inverse Futures with ExpirationYes
Kraken SPOTCrypto Spot
OkexSPOT, Linear and Inverse SWAP, Inverse and Linear FuturesYes
BITFINEXSPOT, Linear FuturesYes
COINFLEXSPOT, Linear Futures