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This document provides definitions for some of TimeBase's key terms.

Class DefinitionDescribes structure of a message. The className definition lists the fields included in messages of this className, along with their names, data types, limits, and precision.
Content ClassA class that describes stream messages.
CursorAPI for data consumers. Reading data from one or many TimeBase streams according to the subscriptions.
Data CacheLRU cache in memory for TimeBase data.
InheritanceMessage classes can inherit from other message classes. TimeBase supports single inheritance only, just like Java and C#. The inheritance hierarchy forms a tree-like structure.
IntrospectorAPI to create class hierarchy from specific Java or C# class definitions. Refer to Introspection to learn more.
Live CursorReading data 'live' from one or many TimeBase streams.
LoaderAPI for data producers. Publishes messages into TimeBase streams.
MessageA message describes a specific event, and is stored or edited as a unit. Every message in TimeBase is automatically associated with a moment in absolute time and an entity key. The entity is an abstract concept that identifies the object, to which the event relates the most. A message contains a number of data fields according to the message structure. There are two required fields - a symbol (sometimes called key), and a timestamp.
SpaceData partition.
StreamA collection of messages ordered by time with a predefined structure. Refer to Streams to learn more.
Polymorphic StreamA stream containing messages of several classes.
Fixed Type StreamA stream containing messages of a single specific class.
Durable StreamThe content of durable streams is persisted on disk.
Transient StreamIn-memory stream is not persisted anywhere. Messages are stored in a memory buffer, which acts as a queue with one tail and multiple heads.
Unique StreamA stream (Durable or Transient) that supplies a copy of last-known values for each symbol to new stream subscribers.
SymbolA key that describes a specific time-series source (e.g. in IoT it may be a sensor id, or trading activity for a specific security).
TermA high-performance messaging channel that directly connects data Producers and Consumers (via UDP or IPC).